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Facility Name

Certificate Type


Posted Date

General – WasteCare Group Health and Safety Policy Statement 299kb 18th Jan 2018
Data Protection 100kb 30th August 2018
Employers Liability Insurance 501kb 21 Feb 2018
Public Liability Insurance 48kb 12 Feb 2018
Quality Policy Statement 244kb 18th Jan 2018
LGV Training 132kb 19th Dec 2008
Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser 286kb 11th Feb 2016
Disability certificate 418kb 2nd Jan 2013
Safe Contractor 480kb 4th Jun 2018
Driver essentials course 174kb 21st May 2009
RHA approved driver CPC 177kb 21st May 2009
BPIF membership 356kb 10th June 2011
ISCC Certificate 177kb 29th October 2018
Motor insurance certificate 431kb 12th Feb 2018
Environmental Policy 283kb 18th Jan 2018
Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy Statement 218kb 18th Jan 2018
Corporate Sustainability Targets 1,759kb 6th Jul 2018
Corporate Ethics Policy 317kb 18th May 2017
Garforth, Leeds Service Centre ISO 9001 1127kb 26th Feb 2018
ISO 14001 1152kb 26th Feb 2018
Waste Carriers Licence 163kb 10 Feb 2016
Environmental Permit 83kb 27 Sep 2005
Normanton Service Centre AATF Licence 878kb 3 Jan 2018
ADISA Audit Certificate 110kb 13 Nov 2015
Valley House, Leeds Service Centre Environmental Permit 16kb 10 June 2011
Waste Recovery Licence 83kb 07 Apr 2005
Livingston Service Centre Waste Carriers Licence 181kb 20 June 2018
Environmental Permit 1.14mb 11 Oct 2012
WAMITAB 68kb 07 Apr 2005
Birmingham Service Centre Environmental Permit 88kb 27 Sep 2005
London Service Centre Environmental Permit 77kb 27 Sep 2005
Widnes Service Centre Environmental Permit 191kb 16 Aug 2007
Wessex Service Centre Environmental Permit 900kb 05 Mar 2010
Halifax Service Centre Environmental Permit 153kb 19 Jan 2011
ABTO Approval 992kb 04 Jan 2018
ABE Approval 1640kb 04 Jan 2018
Northern Ireland Service Centre Environmental Permit 1.74mb 18 Jan 2012
Basingstoke Service Centre Environmental Permit 865kb 24 Feb 2014
Avonmouth Service Centre Environmental Permit Transfer 1.2Mb 18 Oct 2016
Full Environmental Permit 720kb 18 Oct 2016
Waste Management License 326kb 18 Oct 2016
Industrial Packaging Division – Packcare Name Change to PackCare 849kb 6 Apr 2016
License 4.5mb 6 Apr 2016
Environmental Permit Modification 833kb 19 Jan 2011