HSE urge use of dedicated recycling points for batteries.

Members of the public have been urged by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to use recycling points for disposing of batteries. Campaigns have been run to encourage the public to use recycling points The call to use recycling points comes in the wake of fires in household waste and recycling collection vehicles. And, battery…

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Swapping batteries on the ISS via a space walk

For some people, recycling batteries is much more difficult than taking them along to your local retailer! You can find out more about the gruelling 6.5 hour operation here. Back on Earth it’s much easier – find nearest recycling point using our BatteryCan finder by simply entering your postcode.

Battery recycling – recharged

Battery producer compliance scheme BatteryBack is using the Christmas holiday to engage householders on battery recycling – as efforts to improve the UK’s battery collection rate continue. The collection of batteries is being promoted by BatteryBack. Research commissioned by the scheme suggests UK households will consume around 280 million batteries this Christmas – with up…

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