Adisa accreditation

Posted on 6th January, 2013

Data security is an integral part of modern life. Businesses and organisations of all sizes have a responsibility to ensure that sensitive and personal data is protected, controlled and made safe from escape.

Data storage is becoming larger, more complex and more mobile (particularly with the rise in solid state disk technology), governments are imposing tougher regulations and forcing greater responsibility on the data controller. ADISA was formed to highlight the IT security risks within the asset disposal process and act as a bridge between all parties in seeking improvement in both service quality and professionalism, ensuring data is protected by an acceptable sanitisation process. ADISA is rapidly becoming known as the industry standard, setting high standards in this rapidly growing sector, ensuring ethical best practices for ITAD’s (Information Technology Asset Disposal).

There are currently over 650 companies claiming to provide a secure data disposal service, making it very difficult to distinguish between those who can truly provide a fully secure service and those who simply say they can.

The ADISA standard provides organisations with an independent assessment of the service offered by those ITADs that seek ADISA approval. We are proud to be considered worthy of the ADISA standard.

In addition to the ADISA accreditation, 2012 has also seen AssetCare become the first company to be certified to be working to the PAS 141 standard for electronics refurbishment. We now believe that AssetCare sets the standard in the UK for handling all types of waste electronic equipment.