Alliance backs recycling policy shake-up

Posted on 2nd March, 2015

recycling policy picLobbying groups and trade associations are continuing to pressure political parties over their waste and environment policies ahead of the General Election.

However, little has been said by any part yet of great significance with regard to future policies, apart from the Labour Party stepping back from a plan to require all local authorities to introduce food waste programmes.

After the election, many expect government to review the structure of its departments. One suggestion is that waste policy should perhaps move from the Department for Environment to the Department for Business.

This suggestion has come from a number of sources including the EEF trade body and more recently from the environmental think tank, the Green Alliance

The Alliance wants to see the establishment of a National Resources Council, made up of ministers from several government departments, to coordinate government policy on waste.

The recommendation comes in a report published by the Alliance titled “UK resource governance for the 21st century”. The study assesses the range of options which have been put forward in recent months for the management of resource policy within central government.

Green Alliance goes on to comment that the ‘prize’ for effective action on resources is significant, with benefits including increased security and economic stability.

The group added: “Calls for increased political action on resources are growing and, whichever party forms the next government, change is likely. The creation of a new institutional framework for resources within central government will support UK businesses and signal clearly that resource security is a political and economic priority for the UK.”