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The Art of Recycling

Posted on 4th October, 2021

The WasteCare Group is committed to providing our customers and clients an environmentally positive recovery solution for dealing with some of the more challenging waste streams. From portable batteries to WEEE, inorganic alkalis to organic acids and all hazardous and challenging waste in between, we are here to return recoverable value whilst all but eliminating…

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Regulator Approves UK’s First Recycling Plant for Household Batteries

Posted on 19th January, 2021

Specialist waste management firm, WasteCare, has opened the UK’s first full-scale household battery recycling facility following approval from the Environment Agency (EA).  The £2 million state-of-the-art facility in Elland, West Yorkshire has processing capacity for 25,000 tonnes of household batteries meaning it can recycle all UK’s spent alkaline batteries and avoid them being shipped to…

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Update – COVID-19

Posted on 19th March, 2020

The situation regarding CoviD-19 is constantly developing and its effects on everyday life moving forward may be uncertain, however WasteCare is certain to continue operating at an effective operational capacity. There are currently no changes to the frequency of our service and will endeavour to continue delivering the same quality service you have come accustom…

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Alternatives to plastic bags

Posted on 30th August, 2019

The days of just casually throwing items away should be behind us. In the UK, every council provides bins or sacks for various types of waste to be recycled. Plastic is one of the materials that need to be recycled whenever possible as the risk of not doing so is simply too great to the…

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A million plastic bottles: recycling isn’t enough

Posted on 28th August, 2019

Humans are purchasing a million plastic bottles every year [source]. Efforts to make changes are slow-moving. Recycling helps, but did you know than in 2016 fewer than half of all plastic bottles were collected for recycling [source]? Doing our bit for the environment goes beyond using a recycling bin. We have to go further back,…

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4 Recent Victories for Sustainability

Posted on 23rd August, 2019

For those of us keeping our eyes on how much progress is being made in the fight against climate change, the news can seem unceasingly bleak, between controversial politicians derailing progress and a seeming deficiency in the public will to implement change. However, in spite of all this, there have been one or two moments…

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The sizzling environmental benefits of recycling cooking oil

Posted on 22nd August, 2019

  It’s a staple in almost every kitchen in the world. Global usage of cooking oil is estimated at 200 million metric tonnes per year. Used cooking oil is a valuable commodity and can be purified and put to use in the production of many products. With the enormous environmental benefits that come from recycling…

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9 shocking statistics about waste

Posted on 21st August, 2019

We are all aware that we need to recycle, cut down our consumption and try and live in a less wasteful way. But just how serious is our waste problem? Is it really such a problem? These nine shocking statistics about waste should get you thinking and ready to act. 1) The average UK household…

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Amazing innovations in the recycling world

Posted on 19th August, 2019

Turning our rubbish into incredibly smart solutions to save the planet As we become more aware of the challenges facing our environment, recycling has become an everyday practice for most people in the UK. However, as fears about climate change are rising, innovators and scientists are taking more radical steps to tackle waste. Sustainability has…

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5 things you need to know about the circular economy

Posted on 16th August, 2019

Environmentalism, green initiatives and sustainability are terms that can be seen in every newspaper on a daily basis. The need to look after the planet has never been more essential, nor has it ever gained as much media coverage. And while there is no one solution that will solve the impending environmental crisis, there is…

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