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Posted on 12th August, 2019

World Elephant Day is an international annual event on August 12, dedicated to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants and is now supported by over 65 wildlife organisations and many individuals in countries across the globe.   Not wishing to stomp on their parade, WasteCare want to take this opportunity to remind us…

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GDPR – We’re Ready, Are You?

Posted on 1st May, 2018

AssetCare, our IT data destruction division, recently hosted a seminar on the impact of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The seminar was to bring clarity as to how we can all stay on the right side of the law and reduce risk whilst being pragmatic as to the implementation and ongoing requirements of…

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Open for Business!

Posted on 7th November, 2017

The newly developed battery recycling plant, at WasteCare’s Halifax treatment facility, commenced production this week. The plant is the first of its kind in the UK and enables all alkaline batteries to be recovered down to their component parts. More than 90% of all portable batteries collected for recycling are based on zinc and manganese…

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Defra announces new weight limit for battery recycling

Posted on 24th August, 2015

The Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 states batteries that can be carried by an “average natural person without difficulty” are deemed portable if they are not already classified as automotive or industrial​. Britain has been recycling more portable l​ead acid batteries than it produces. Following a two year consultation period, ​Government guidance is changing….

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Views sought on revised Duty of Care guidance

Posted on 3rd August, 2015

Revised guidance on how to comply with the waste Duty of Care has been launched for consultation by the Department for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Welsh Government. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, anyone who handles household, commercial or industrial waste (known as ‘controlled waste’) has a ‘Duty of Care’…

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Defra looks at PRN system

Posted on 1st September, 2014

The UK’s packaging waste system, which sees obligated businesses accounting for recycling through the purchase of PRNs (packaging waste recovery notes), continues to attract attention. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) which is responsible for the packaging waste legislation is sounding out parties involved as to what they think of the current…

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WEEE2 Conference indicates clear preference

Posted on 14th June, 2013

With barely two weeks to go until the WEEE Recast Consultation period ends and with so many drastically different options still being considered by BIS, it is more important than ever that producers and other stakeholders understand the options and make their voices heard. Last Monday WasteCare Group held the first of their WEEE2 conferences…

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WEEE2 Seminars

Posted on 6th March, 2013

“The ‘New’ Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations are to come into force in 2014. The impact of WEEE2 is expected to be as big as when the Regulations were first introduced back in 2007. In order to keep members fully up to date with news and developments on WEEE2, WeeeCare will be running seminars…

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Packaging compliance grows

Posted on 6th March, 2013

WasteCare Groups packaging compliance scheme, PackCare, has further strengthened its portfolio through a combination of exceptional service and competitive prices. Another successful year has seen the scheme substantially grow its membership as well as adding a number of blue chip names to the family including Belron.


Duracell promote reuse

Posted on 6th January, 2013

BatteryBack is the leading Battery Compliance scheme in the UK and accounts for the majority of portable batteries collected and recycled in the country. This leading position has been cemented through the expansive rollout of over 20,000 free battery collection points in council sites, public buildings and private businesses throughout the UK. The BatteryBack project…

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