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How we kill 99.99% of known viruses and bacteria

Step 1

Directly spray heavily used areas

Step 2

Coat the entire interior

Step 3

Ensure touch points are sterilised

Step 4

Recieve certification of our certified service

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Your All-In-One Contaminated Cleaning & Disposal Service

Remove Bacteria and Viruses | Decontamination Service

How does it work?


Using the latest FG2 electrostatic spraying equipment, our operatives are able to decontaminate objects consistently across its entire surface area, delivering electrically charged droplets.

How it works

Rapidly delivering a broad-spectrum biocide to surface and airborne viruses the misting technology uses CliniClean, a biocide which is a 1% Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide blend (CAS 7722-84-1, EC 231-765-0) that avoids using concentrates or hazardous chemicals in the field of use.

Where we go

Providing 40 years of knowledge & experience

With 17 sites across the UK and a fleet of over 160 vehicles, we can provide 24-hour response to 85% of the UK's mainland postcodes and 48 hour response to Northern Ireland and the whole of the UK.

Who we are

WasteCare is a leading waste management and recycling company established in 1980, providing collection services throughout the UK and specialising in treating and recovering hazardous and difficult waste. Entrusted by some of the largest organisations in the country such as Asda, Tesco and local government to keep them safe and compliant, you have complete peace of mind that your clinical and infectious waste will be securely and properly destroyed.

Clinical Waste

Containers & Collection