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Vehicle Sterilisation

Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Bradford Metropolitan District Council launches vehicle sterilisation site to tackle Coronavirus head on

CliniCar sterilisation drive thru opened by Bradford Metropolitan District Council, uses electrostatic decontamination technology for treatment, reducing risk and providing peace of mind for the residents of Bradford.

Bradford Metropolitan District Council is the first UK city to offer a service of this kind, enabling both commercial and privately owned vehicles to be treated by our CliniCar team at the former Richard Dunn Sports Centre in Odsal, Bradford. Using an HSE approved biocide and unique electrostatic misting equipment, the CliniCar service coats vehicle interiors with sufficient levels of biocide to thoroughly sterilise any vehicle, whilst ensuring a dry finish allowing the driver to leave within minutes of arrival.

The need for sterilisation

Since December 2019, Coronavirus has gripped of the world, affecting virtually every city in the UK. The Bradford Metropolitan District Council opted to trial a pro-active attempt to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus through enabling CliniCar / WasteCare to set up a vehicle sterilisation site. Open to both commercial and private vehicles, anyone could phone the councils dedicated phone line, make a booking, and arrive at their allotted time.

The scheme was created from the desire of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to protect their employees in their own vehicles, however they were interested in seeing the offer extended to other key workers, the public and transport/taxi companies.  Open to everyone, the CliniCar site received high levels of interest from key workers and taxi drivers, both regularly coming in to contact with high levels customers. They not only used the service for the benefit of their own health but their families and in the case of taxi drivers, to help keep their customers as safe as possible.

Geoff Binnington, Fleet & Transport Services, Bradford Council said:

"Bradford Council has worked with the WasteCare Group for a number of years, we are pleased with the speed and efficiency in the way this initiative has been delivered to keep the residents of Bradford safe."

Bradford Metropolitan District Council and CliniCar's combined approach

Utilising the council’s communication network, CliniCar were able to offer the vehicle sterilisation service for free to all key workers in the NHS, emergency services, care workers and the councils social services. The Clinicar cleaning unit could sterilise a car in just three minutes, comprising of three bays, it was capable of treating a car per minute and the process only took 5 minutes from arrival to departure, perfect for those in time sensitive situations.

Step 1

Interior Electrostatic Misting

Step 2

Direct Spray on Heavily Used Area

Step 3

Certificate of Service

The electrostatic misting device disperses negatively charged micro droplets, which not only get attracted to surfaces seen, but areas not visible to the eye, or capable of being cleaned using traditional methods, such as under the seat, ensuring a thorough clean. Additionally, due to the size of the micro droplets it rapidly dries, allowing drivers to safely enter the decontaminated vehicle immediately after treatment, making it the perfect solution for those requiring a rapid service and preventing a que so that social distancing rules are abided to.

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