The Economic Union (EU) considered that too much packaging was being used then sent to landfill. In an attempt to improve sustainability, reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging and increase the rate of recycling they introduced the EU Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC).

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The reason for introducing packaging compliance

The logic is that existing Recycling levels are determined by the economies of collecting, segregating, transporting, reprocessing and selling recycled materials. Therefore, to increase recycling you will need to change the economics of the process. This has been achieved by introducing legislation requiring businesses to obtain Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs), to closely control the Recycling operations licensed to issue PRNs but leave them free to exploit market forces to sell or exchange the PRNs on a commercial basis.

Who is obligated?

Any company in the UK who meet the following criteria are obligated to be compliant:

  • Turnover above £5 million 1997 to 1999 inclusive, reduced to £2 million from 2000.
  • Business handles in excess of 50 tonnes of obligated packaging material pa.