Who we are

WeeeCare was one of the first compliance schemes to be approved by the Environment Agency in January 2007 (WEE/MP3538PZ/SCH). The scheme was established to meet the needs of all producers who supply all categories of electrical and electronic equipment both to businesses and consumers. WeeeCare is the largest scheme by membership. Our success is down to providing an outstanding service which is excellent value for money.

The aim of WeeeCare Compliance Scheme is to:

  • Minimise the cost of compliance
  • Ensure members satisfy their legal responsibilities as defined within the WEEE Regulations.
  • Ensure the best available techniques are used for the recycling and recovery of all categories of electrical and electronic equipment.

WeeeCare is proud it has become the most successful compliance scheme in the UK with over 800 members. It prides itself on offering members the lowest cost for compliance available in the UK, coupled with excellent service provided by the WeeeCare team.

Key personnel within the WeeeCare team are:

  • Angela Cook – Compliance Manager
  • Alison Drurey – Account Manager

Our history

WeeeCare is part of the WasteCare Group. In the first 10 years of operation the company focused on the printing, x-ray and photo sectors. It then diversified into recycling electronics, dry cleaning residues and solvents, later expanding heavily into the retail sector. Over 30 years on the Group now boasts 15 licensed regional facilities, 170 vehicles and 360 personnel handling over 16,000 collections per month dealing with over 450 waste streams.

The Group also operates BatteryBackPackCare, WeeeCollect and of course WasteCare.

Terms and Conditions

To view a copy of the current WeeeCare Constitution & Terms and Conditions, please click here.