Determining if you are affected?

The WEEE Regulations are intended to transfer the responsibility (and the cost) of dealing with electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) at the end of its life, from the user to the producer.

You are identified as a producer if you:

  • Manufacture EEE and place it on the UK market under your own brand
  • Import EEE from outside the UK and place it on the UK market
  • Rebrand EEE manufactured by someone else and place it on the UK market

Q. Does your business place electrical & electronic equipment (EEE) onto the UK market intended for business use/household (consumer) use – by importing into the UK, manufacturing within the UK, or selling equipment manufactured by another producer and re-branding?

A. If you answer ‘Yes’ you are identified as a Producer and required under the WEEE Regulations to join a Producer compliance scheme (PCS) in order to meet your obligation.

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