Retailers of electrical and electronic equipment are required by law to offer customers buying a new electrical product a free method of recycling a similar unwanted item. Up to now they either have to take the waste item back into store, join the Distributor Take-Back Scheme (DTS) or provide an alternative free Take-back service that is available and accessible to the customer.

This time there is another option. WasteCare have established the WEEE Retailer Takeback scheme. WeeeCollect offered by WasteCare provides a solution to retailers seeking to offer their customers an instore Take-back service.

WEEE Retailer Takeback enables electrical retailers the opportunity to satisfy Regulation 31 of the WEEE Regulations.

WEEE Retailer Takeback is a FREE national service for retailers and distributors.

Record Keeping
Under Regulation 34(1) a distributor to whom the obligation in Regulation 31 applies shall maintain records of the number of units of WEEE from private households returned to him under that Regulation. For further information regarding record keeping please visit: where an appropriate form can be downloaded.