Q – Do I have a financial responsibility?
A – No but if you sell any electrical or electronic equipment you will have an obligation to assist in the collection and recovery of like equipment from consumers. WeeeCollect offers a low cost treatment and recovery service to all retailers and distributors.

Q – What advice do I have to give my customers?
A – You must provide information at all sales points regarding take-back arrangements. An information leaflet is available for printing off at www.weeecollect.com BatteryBack stock a range of promotional and educational information, if required.

Q – What options do I have to help my customers?
A – By using our take back service, you can offer customers the chance to recycle their electrical equipment with ease and convenience, with minimal cost implication to your business.

Q – What advice can I give my customers?
A – You should advise and encourage your customers to recycle their unwanted and waste electrical equipment. Alternatively, you can direct them to www.weeecollect.com in order to use a postcode search to locate their nearest free drop off point. We know from experience that consumers favour stores offering free recycling.

Q – Do I have to offer this service to businesses as well as the general public?
A – Yes but the emphasis is on the business to arrange collection.

Q – What infrastructure does WeeeCollect have in place for the collection of waste electrical items?
A – In essence WeeeCollect control all aspects of the disposal journey, from collections, to sorting, treatment and eventual 98% recovery. WeeeCollect is continually seeking to complement the existing arrangements with other waste collection providers to help improve the service and keep down costs.

Q – What happens to the equipment once it has been collected?
A – The equipment sent on to our treatment facilities for 97% recycling; recovering all base metals, glass and plastics. As the waste is considered B2C was as defined by the Regulations, the recycling evidence can be traded on or used to offset producer obligations for those retailers who are also registered as producers.

Q – What are the environmental benefits of weee recycling?
A – Before these regulations came into force most batteries were discarded into landfill. Electrical goods contain various hazardous metals such as Lead, Cadmium and Mercury as well as recoverable metals, glass and plastics. By helping to recycle weee not only are you helping the environment but also helping to keep down the cost of raw materials.

Q – How does Britain compare with the rest of Europe?
A – We currently recycle less than 30% of all electrical waste in the UK. This compare badly with other parts of Europe that exceed 60%., Each of us can help increase recycling rates. WeeeCollect is essentially a self funded means to help improve our recycling performance and reduce the impact on the environment.

Q – Can I take small weee items and batteries into store but ask customers to deal with WeeeCollect for larger items?
A – Absolutely. This is the best model. We know from experience customers do not like returning waste to the retailer. If a retailer offers a convenient collection container for small items then this will encourage some take-up. However, for larger items, customers prefer to have it collected from their home.

Q – Can I get consumer leaflets for my customers?
Yes, WeeeCollect have produced excellent consumer leaflets. If you require bespoke leaflets featuring your outlet details, please call us on 0844 8005671 for details.

Q – Can I back haul batteries to a central store or depot?
A – You can if you wish. The good news is that if the quantity and type of waste is of sufficient recoverable value we will be able to give you a value back. Please contact for further details.

Q – What is obligated waste?
A – This is waste that has been replaced with the purchase in the UK of a similar item. The replacement item must have been purchased within 30 days of the date of the collection request.