CylinderCare puts the pressure on

Posted on 18th August, 2011

It has been a year since WasteCare acquired the Brooksight cylinder and keg repatriation business and the momentum of the business is now beginning to gather pace.

The company now has contracts with the key gas cylinder producers including Calor, Kegwatch, Air Products and Air Liquide.

CylinderCare operate with 13 specially trained service representatives using adapted vehicles for the collection of gas cylinders, fire extinguishers and beer kegs. Using this facility CylinderCare provides a free nationwide service for the collection and recovery of most UK gas cylinders and beer kegs.

The administration of the service has recently been moved to the head office in Garforth and managed by Sarah Whittaker, this will enable the Brooksight service to achieve increased growth in this sector. For further information about the CylinderCare service please contact Sarah Whittaker on 0113 385 4325.