Going the extra mile

Posted on 28th March, 2013

Following our recent success collecting a large amount of waste from Jersey. News has spread to neighbouring island, Guernsey where Arrowsmith Marlow requested a collection for 28 pallets of dry cleaning residue.

Strict regulations restrict the size of vehicles that can drive on the island, however, the volume of the collection required a larger vehicle. Always eager to overcome a challenge, WasteCare’s health and safety manager, Derek Hills, negotiated a compromise with the authorities. At 3.30am Neil Durdan (Taunton Service Centre Manager) and Simon Moore (Service centre representative) left Taunton to catch an early morning ferry to Guernsey. The collection then proceeded the following day; rather than taking the lorry to the customers location, it stayed at the docks and a smaller vehicle acted as a shuttle. When the two WasteCare representatives arrived at the site, they were presented with more waste than expected as well as a number of containers which were too corroded to move safely. Always prepared, spares were at hand for such an eventuality and Neil jumped straight in to decanting the corroded containers.

At 7pm, after a full day of decanting, shuttling and loading, two tired representatives left one happy customer with a completely clear site. The extra unexpected waste had pushed the vehicle close to its limit with over 13,000 tonnes loaded but the vehicle safely transported the residues back to Taunton for treatment.