Good is not good enough

Posted on 12th December, 2012

It is recognised that good customer service is the cornerstone to sound waste management. At WasteCare, we believe excellent customer service sets us apart from our competitors.

The CustomerCare team is the first line of contact when an existing or potential customer contacts WasteCare, the information and level of assistance given at this point is crucial. The Service Representatives that then carry out collections form the other half of the customers experience.

A perfect example of how these two separate operations can complement each other to create a great service was recently demonstrated by Claire Neilson and the Taunton Service Centre. A seamless pipeline has been established within the WasteCare structure to deal with this type of operation.

After providing a comprehensive paint, hazardous chemical and gas cylinder collection service to Cornwall County Council for the last 10 months, a key environmental manager was promoted to a new post at Gloucestershire County Council. Aware of the comprehensive the service that WasteCare offers, Gloucestershire were soon signed up for a similar contract. The Environmental officer sighted the excellent service provided by both Claire and Neil that gave him the confidence to recommend WasteCare to his new colleagues. It is no coincidence that we now work with most of the councils in the South West.

Another example of the impact from excellent service quality was set by Pat Hayes and highlighted by Liam O’Looney, Store Manager at Reflex;

“Pat Hayes was very helpful and proactive. If only every parcel delivered/collected was done so by a person with the same professional attitude! Just thought I’d mention it because rarely do we see that with other couriers/collectors who come in to Reflex.”