Large proportion of European WEEE going unreported

Posted on 6th March, 2013

75% of WEEE recycling is going unreported according to a joint report produced by a group of recycling Associations. The report was released by the European Electronics Recyclers Association (EERA), LightingEurope and DIGITALEUROPE.

Following these findings the group has called for governments to do more to ensure all WEEE recycling is counted. Amongst their recommended actions is a suggestion of the introduction of mandatory reporting obligations for all permitted processors.

It is argued that in order to meet WEEE recycling targets more information needs to be collected from both producer take back schemes and third party collectors to take the form of a producer-funded register.

Editors note: Whilst we have this problem in the UK, “lost” WEEE accounts for around 40% of the total volume. WasteCare is working with the EA and major stakeholders to identify and channel the WEEE through authorised routes. The UK will fail to meet its recycling targets for WEEE unless we solve this problem.