Mobile phone recycling: WeeeCare calls up Gooseberry

Posted on 1st September, 2008

Everyone knows that old mobile phones have a recoverable value. The problem is ensuring you get the true value and that the phone is correctly handled.

WeeeCare has now teamed up with Gooseberry, a new global phone recycling organisation, to increase the number of phones recycled. To get the scheme off to a good start, Gooseberry will donate £15 to charity for each working phone handed to WeeeCare.

Phone donors can select from two prominent charities, the Woodland Trust and Help for Heroes, a new charity formed to help those wounded in Britain’s current conflicts.

Larger donors (ie more than 30 handsets) can select a charity of their choice or elect to have the money returned. A spokesman for the Woodland Trust said:

“We are delighted that waste can be converted to do good. At the Woodland Trust, 85 pence from every £1 raised is spent on environmental projects.”

As a group, WasteCare is committed to donating a 2% of its annual profits to charity through its Recycling for Good Programme.