New standard launched to reduce illegal WEEE exports

Posted on 20th April, 2011

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has launched a new specification (PAS 141:2011) to help reduce illegal exports of WEEE. The new standard will make it easier to identify whether electrical equipment can legally be sent overseas by establishing whether it really is fit for reuse.

It is hoped this will also encourage growth in the reuse market as it should help to instil confidence that equipment is safe and in working order.

The new legislation is the first of its kind in the European Union and was developed by a working group run as part of the now-defunct government WEEE Advisory Body.

Anyone involved in WEEE reuse will now be obligated to meet requirements for testing and inspecting equipment, as well as tracking equipment through the process of preparing it for reuse and recording the tests carried out – both for reuse in the UK and overseas.