New WasteCare depot in Barking

Posted on 17th October, 2008

For nearly 20 years our London facility has been in Bow. Always struggling to hear Bow bells, it was sometime ago we outgrew the site. It has taken us over 7 years to find a new location and be able to secure a deal. In 2006, Britain winning the Olympic bid resulted in us being gazumped twice.

At long last we have found the perfect site. Some 8 times bigger than our current premises we will be now be able to expand our business in the South East.

Targetting security shredding, weee recycling and chemical recovery we are planning to go on the offensive early next year.

“The London team can’t wait” explained John Treweeke, the Bow Facility Manager.” No one believes how much material we handle on our existing site, so with the move to Barking, I really can see things taking off”.