Normanton purchase

Posted on 4th January, 2016

Although Tyler Close in Normanton has been home to the Artic fleet, AssetCare and EeeCare for nearly five years, three days before Christmas was still an important date.

On a cold December morning in 2010 it was agreed we could have a 5 year option to buy the site, on the understanding we could help evict a company that owed the landlord over £500,000 in rent, get the back rent back paid and then pay the full rent until the purchase was complete. Taking account of the not insubstantial business rates as well we needed to generate around £750,000 pa extra from day one.

Without the need of lawyers (don’t tell them) we shook on a deal and moved in two weeks later. As they say the rest is history. Some say it is our jewel in the crown, whilst everyone who has visited is impressed, we see it as another essential component of the WasteCare model. Having purchased the freehold, it is fair to say we will not be moving again anytime soon.