PackCare works with Toyota

Posted on 1st September, 2016

Packcare Ltd, is pleased to announce that as from the 1st September 2016 it will be taking over responsibility for recycling the packaging waste from Toyota Burnaston production facilities.

We will be recycling a range of industrial packaging from small steel and plastic containers through large steel drums to IBC’s. This service will be further supported by the supply of a range of UN certified containers for compliantly packaging other waste materials.toyota

Our Packcare recycling process offers a 100% recycling option which is “R” coded and operates by processing even impossible to clean packaging such as those having previously contained paints, lacquers, resins and sealants through our unique thermal treatment plant.

With the recent introduction of our new plastics recycling processes at Avonmouth, we look forward to expanding closed loop recycling range in other areas of the Toyota business.

Packcare is ideally placed to recycle most types of automotive wastes streams because as part of the Wastecare Group we are able to offer a full suite of recycling options from waste electrical and electronic equipment, plastics through to the treatment and disposal of industrial liquid wastes. We aim to further tailor this service in other areas by offering manufacturers a “one stop shop” recycling service.