ClothCare provides a low cost collection and recycling service for your printing and engineering cloths.

In the past both laundered rags and disposable wipes have left printers and engineers with unnecessary costs and the worry that they could do things better. ClothCare has brought together the most environmentally advanced cleaning process with the most efficient nationwide distribution network.

Established over 30 years ago, WasteCare has provided printers and engineers an environmental recycling solution for all types of waste. Returning LME rates for aluminium plates, recovered metals, WasteCare operates 12 licensed sites and over 170 collection vehicles, maximising recovery and minimising landfill. Over 96% of all printing waste is recycled or recovered. Print Cloth Ltd, established in 1997, has invested over £2 million in the last two years, creating Britain’s first dedicated total recovery process for recycling cleaning cloths as well as spill booms and mats.

The process

Importing the best quality cloths made from natural cotton , the cloths are distributed in handy 10Kg bags to anywhere in the UK. Used cloths are collected on request or on a pre-agreed rota and returned for recovery, free of charge. The bespoke process quality checks every item, eliminating swarf and contamination, before 100% oil and solvent recovery. The recovered hydrocarbons are treated and blended to produce a fuel for energy recovery. The wipes are further screened and the best prepared for reuse. The remainder are processed to make Pro-fuel.

The greenest print cloth is beige

Naturally cotton is not green but beige in colour. Regardless, the cloths we use have the lowest environmental impact. In fact the more they are used the more you and the environment benefit. For as little as 7 pence each, the ClothCare cloth is delivered to you ready to use, guaranteeing lint free absorbency. The cloths are collected free of charge. All collected cloths are processed in Britain’s most advanced recovery facility.

WasteCare ensure the lowest Carbon footprint against all types of disposable wipes and laundered cloths. In fact using ClothCare in conjunction with WasteCare’s waste collection service saves you over 2Kg of Carbon per cloth used. ClothCare provides a low cost, low carbon solution to the printing, engineering, oil sector and allied industries.

ClothCare benefits:

  • Zero to landfill
  • 2Kg Carbon saving for every wipe used
  • 100% solvent & oil recovered
  • Free delivery and collection
  • Guaranteed cost saving