ShredCare shows it’s cutting edge

Posted on 10th September, 2018

Within days of Normanton taking delivery of their first on-site mobile shredding vehicle affectionately known as ‘Fred’, the ShredCare team embarked on their first assignment.

Completing a 3 day shredathon at one of the country’s largest data centres the team managed to process a large consignment of hard-drives across two sites.

‘Fred’ is an 18 tonne DAF chassis with a Shred-Tech MDX1 shredder mounted on its back. Capable of shredding 3000kg of paper every hour,’Fred’ showed he has a taste for more than just paper.

Not only did the ShredCare team destroy over 9,000 hard drives, each item was scanned and the serial barcode recorded. Having scanned and destoyed each batch of hard-drives, the data was transmitted to the client within minutes of the work being completed. The whole exercise was also filmed so the client had absolute proof their hard-drives were safely destroyed.

Having impressed our client with our efficiency and professionalism, ‘Fred’ has been invited to Frankfurt to munch on some German data. Our client has suggested ShredCare to go international and replicate the impressive service in their German Data Centre. We will let you know how Fred finds the autobahn. Tschüss für heute.

This has been a great start for our latest service offering. GDPR has certainly increased demand and it is our ambition to operate a similar service from each of our Service Centres. We take delivery of our next unit in late January. In the meantime, we are focussing in offering a range of door-step destruction services to our existing client base. For further details visit www.waste.care