Survey shows that Twin Bin scheme is preferred

Posted on 25th February, 2011

Durham County Council are looking to change their waste and recycling arrangements to a Twin Bin scheme across the county.

This followed the largest ever waste survey of residents in the county which found that the Twin Bin scheme currently used in Derwentside was the preferred waste option.

74 per cent of residents said the service had improved since the introduction of the Twin Bin scheme.

The survey also indicated that more waste would be recycled if they used this scheme countywide as 29.7 per cent said they didn’t have enough room in the individual bags and boxes to recycle everything that they would like to.

The Twin Bin scheme uses one large segregated bin rather than lots of separate bags and boxes and is collected once a week. Being able to mix paper, cardboard and tins means less hassle for residents and there is an estimated financial saving of nearly one million pounds.