The budget unravelled

Posted on 22nd March, 2012

George says…

…We are all in it together

The challenges both in the economy and the environment can only successfully be tackled with all stakeholders in society working together. This budget shows the Governments determination to create an atmosphere for sustainable growth. Below are some of the key elements of todays budget that we believe will help both WasteCare and you, our customers, to do our bit.

…Quit the habit

Despite the landfill tax rising to £56.00 per tonne last year, still over 20 million tonnes of recyclable waste was land filled in 2011. George has confirmed he is raising the tax charge by a further £8.00 to £64.00 per tonne from next month and a further increase to £72.00 in April 2013. This equates to a tax rate of over 65%!

Before you throw your waste in the bin or in a skip, give WasteCare a call. Diverting your waste from landfill to recycling will save you the earth.

…Don’t waste it

High fuel costs are here to stay. With the rise in duty next August and continual unrest in the Middle East, we need to make sure that we reduce unnecessary journeys and maximise vehicle efficiency. The WasteCare model ensures customers are provided with a one stop shop solution which keeps down both costs and carbon footprint.

…Improve the bottom line

You can no longer allow your competitors to be better at waste recycling and energy efficiency than you. The big subsidies are now a thing of the past. Recycling has to stand on its own two feet. To find out how recycling can help your bottom line call WasteCare on 0800 091 0000

…End of the big subsidies

Along with halving solar efficiency subsidies at the end of last year, the 20p duty holiday on waste cooking oil, introduced by Gordon Brown in 2008, ends next month. Partially replaced with the double certificates under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), which comes into force next month, the impact on UCO values will be muted. We expect market values to drop by £30 – £50 per tonne once the market has settled down.

…Reducing bureaucracy

Large swathes of existing regulation are going to be scrapped and simplified helping to reduce pressure on businesses to embrace environmental best practice.

…Unwrapping new targets

Britain has successfully exceeded recycling targets each year since the outset of the packaging recycling producer regulations in 1998. Mr Osborne has confirmed that new legislation later this year will increase targets annually between 2013 – 2017. Targets will increase by 3 per cent for aluminium, 5 per cent for plastic and 1 per cent for steel each year.

To obtain a copy of Budget 2012 – Reshaping Recycling, email us at recycling@wastecare.co.uk