UK on track to meet battery recycling target says Environment Agency

Posted on 11th April, 2010

Bob Mead, Environment Agency batteries implementation project manager recently told MRW that the UK is on track to meet it’s 2010 portable battery recycling target. However, Peter Hunt, chief executive of BatteryBack warned:

“This year was always going to be a breeze, but next year may be a struggle for some. A lot more needs to be done to raise awareness and get more people to bring their batteries to collection points.”

Under the Battery Regulations, battery compliance schemes have to collect, treat and recycle batteries on behalf of large producers.

The 10 per cent interim target for 2010 is based on battery sales figures for 2009 of around 45,000 tonnes. This means that schemes will now have to collect 4,474 tonnes of batteries by the end of this year. Schemes will have to report their first quarter’s collection data figures by the end of April.