WasteCare knock down barriers

Posted on 10th October, 2013

The infrastructure provided by local councils often ensures the safety and security of the public on a day to day basis. This vast and varied mix of buildings, vehicles and fixtures in many cases requires daily upkeep and care which when replacement is eventually necessary leads to unwanted waste which can often be tricky to recycle. This was the case recently when Capita Symonds was approached by Sefton Council.

Capita Symonds provide property and infrastructure services to a wide range of industry sectors including councils. One recent project involved some work on behalf of Sefton Council whereby they replaced all the plastic street bollards with an updated version.

The project left Capita with a huge pile of plastic bollards which required a swift collection. Working with our partners EMR, WasteCare arranged for the prompt collection and recycling of the plastic bollards in turn guaranteeing the waste avoided landfill.