WasteCare teams up with Wheeldon Brothers

Posted on 11th October, 2013

Although many recyclers provide bespoke solutions in their own right, it is often the case that a mixture of waste management suppliers provides the perfect solution.

This month WasteCare have teamed up with Wheeldon Brothers Waste Management to ensure the re-use and recycling of electrical waste.

Wheeldon Brothers of Bury, Greater Manchester collect and accept Electrical Waste from local Housing Associations; the waste arises from vacant clearances as well as refurbishments of Association run properties. The waste will  include Fridges, Washing Machines and small domestic appliances. These items are transferred from Wheeldon Brothers site to WasteCare’s Normanton recycling facility. As an Approved testing and re-use facility all items are assessed and where possible repaired for re-use rather than immediately scrapped or determined to be end of life.

The partnership between WasteCare and Wheeldon Brothers ensures that Housing Associations such as Rochdale Boroughwide Housing have all their electrical waste fully recycled and where possible re-used in accordance with the waste hierarchy.