WEEE Producer – Compliance Cost Announced

Posted on 23rd May, 2007

For many months the electronic and electrical equipment industry has been anticipating the introduction of the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations 2006 with fear and trepidation of what it will do to its bottom line. Companies in the industry have been expecting that substantial amounts of money would have to be budgeted to meet their obligations under the new regulations which will finally come into force in the New Year. Speculation of the actual costs has been rife with some saying that to collect and treat weee will cost over £500 per tonne!

However, WeeeCare.com have confirmed that costs of meeting your obligations could be as low as £6 per tonne for business to business weee. WeeeCare.com have so far been the only proposed compliance scheme to announce a firm cost for 2007.

Speaking at the launch today of their Producer Compliance Scheme, WeeeCare.com Chief Executive, Kevin Bray, said; “The costs of compliance have been overblown by most compliance schemes because they have had no experience of waste electronic and electrical equipment recycling and little understanding of the economic drivers in the industry. We, with our sister company WasteCare, have many years experience of recycling electronic and electrical equipment(eee) and have the most effective and most cost efficient collection and treatment process in the UK. We can guarantee that your cost of compliance will be substantially less if you join the WeeeCare.com Producer Compliance Scheme than it will be with anyone else.” With a number of key producers and recyclers already supporting the WeeeCare.com scheme, a high take up will simply ensure costs stay low.

WeeeCare.com already has in place a barcode assisted online tracking system to ensure producers are only expected to pay for their own obligated waste and not subsidising high cost non-identified waste. Again, with over 26 years experience the company is already providing end users a bespoke nationwide collection service for all forms of weee.

The next few months will be a busy and nervous time for the electrical and electronics industries as it takes the necessary steps to comply with a completely new regulatory regime. Taking the right action now and joining the WeeeCare.com scheme will ensure you minimize your cost of compliance.

If you are a principally a business to business eee producer and care about your bottom line, contact WeeeCare.com now and save a small fortune.