PackCare turn up the heat

Posted on 1st April, 2016

Established in 1946, PackCare, the industrial packaging arm of the WasteCare Group has for many years focused on reconditioning IBCs, plastic drums, kegs and contaminated plastics.

The recent purchase of Greif’s steel drum recycling facility in Avonmouth has now enabled PackCare to provide a one-stop shop for all types of industrial packaging regardless of volume, type and contamination.

avonmouthPackCare will shortly purchase Greif’s Avonmouth  steel packaging recycling operation based in Avonmouth (pictured right). PackCare purchased the site as well as its state of the art recovery operations. With ambitious plans to expand the recycling capability PackCare are planning to expand the range of new services using this unique facility. Specialising in contaminated metals and all types of packaging PackCare is able to provide a full cradle to cradle solution whilst investing in additional waste recycling activities and niche processes on the site through the PackCare brand.

Recent Environment Agency guidance has restricted the disposal of packaging to unlicensed re-conditioners, via scrap processors and into landfill. The Avonmouth facility provides the only licensed thermal treatment process dedicated to steel drums and metal packaging, whilst our Leeds facility enables us to decontaminate all forms of industrial plastic packaging.

PackCare’s Zero to Landfill policy has maximised recycling and recovery, returning real value to our customers; whilst we offer rebates for good reusable packaging. Utilising WasteCare’s national transport fleet and licensed waste management facilities enables the company to provide clients a cost effective, one-stop solution for all types of industrial packaging.

Our “R” coded IPC licensed facility offers the best available technology in Europe for processing contaminated packaging.

Additional Processes
We aim to use the thermal process for a number of other recycling processes for products that in the past have been considered difficult or that have been included in WM3 legislation, to include products such as: Paint cans, resin pails, oil Filters, domestic batteries, grinding sludges, aerosols and most other forms of contaminated metallic packaging.
Further developments to the Avonmouth site including paint/ink/coatings recovery. Through an automated de-watering process, packaging is segregated into water and solvent based materials that are mechanically removed from the packaging which is then bulked onto the recovery processes. Solvent based materials are blended and used for as Cement Kiln fuel, whereas water based materials are de-watered and made into a re-useable filter cake.

Plastic packaging will be forced dried shredded with any metals removed, the plastics are then further agitated through a screening system to remove residual paint and allow full recovery of the plastic packaging. At some point we will be able to encourage plastic can manufacturers to use this recyclate within the manufacture of new packaging.

PackCare is accredited to ISO9000 & ISO14000 standard.

For further information please visit www.packcare.co.uk