WasteCare partners with Sheffield Tanks & Drums

Posted on 17th July, 2019

WasteCare Group have forged a partnership with Sheffield Tanks & Drums to deliver a market-leading, closed-loop solution for Industrial packaging. The service offering includes a national collection, treatment and remanufacturing process for all varieties of industrial packaging.

The treatment methods involved include three-stage industrial cleaning with a caustic solution for plastics and thermal treatment for any contaminated steel packaging. This process includes a 30-point wash where drums are de-dented, label’s removed and dried. Any non-washable drums have their lids removed and are treated through PackCare’s Avonmouth furnace to burn away all residues of previous contents. Drums are then shot blasted and returned to a raw steel shell, before going to ST&D for re-manufacturing and certifying.

The end result is a market leading finished product of remanufactured steel containers for UN for Solids, Liquids & Aerosols along with UN bung tops.