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We offer a unique Total Waste Management Solution providing industry & commerce a nationwide collection service and a sustainable licensed recycling solution with full traceability for all your waste.

Who we are

Established in 1980, the WasteCare Group offer a unique recycling and waste management service that enables waste producers, from all industrial and sectors, to manage their hazardous and difficult waste, from collection to recovery regardless of the type, volume or location. With 12 regional recycling centres and a fleet of over 150 collection vehicles, we are a national recycling management company that is local to you.

Industries we service

Every business is different and waste is complex, this is why our experienced team works closely with you to understand your unique waste management requirements. We provide specialist advice, understand your challenges, and provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will handle your waste and recycling needs. Select your industry from the drop down below to get started, and find out how we can help your business.

Waste we recycle

Because we understand your industry we can give specialist advice, we understand your challenges so you only ever need speak to one person for all your waste and recycling needs. Backed by our qualified Technical Team we can provide you with technical advice on site or over the phone. This includes DGSA support, packaging, labelling, storage and handling advice. Select a Waste Type from the drop down below to get started.

Latest News


Why WAS?

If you are a producer of EEE, a local authority, an AATF or a PCS you are a stakeholder and what happens next will affect you. In January DEFRA invited the sector to put forward alternatives to the current voluntary WEEE Producer Balancing Scheme. Following the deadline on the 1st March only WAS has stepped…

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Cooking on waste!

“The integration of the East Kent Thermal Recovery Facility with the WasteCare Group has got off to a flying start.” claims Graeme Parkin Group COO. “Barely 4 weeks in and we have managed to fill current capacity as well as integrate our IT and operational teams. A pre-planned shutdown is due at the end of…

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The Big Battery Hunt has just got BIGGER

The Big Battery Hunt is in full swing again in 2019, following the success of the 2018 programme. New schools are being recruited each week for this year’s competition and more than 70 tonnes of batteries have been collected so far in 2019, with more batteries being collected every day. To help the program, a…

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