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We offer a unique Total Waste Management Solution providing industry & commerce a nationwide collection service and a sustainable licensed recycling solution with full traceability for all your waste.

Who we are

Established in 1980, the WasteCare Group offer a unique recycling and waste management service that enables waste producers, from all industrial and sectors, to manage their hazardous and difficult waste, from collection to recovery regardless of the type, volume or location. With 12 regional recycling centres and a fleet of over 150 collection vehicles, we are a national recycling management company that is local to you.

Industries we service

Every business is different and waste is complex, this is why our experienced team works closely with you to understand your unique waste management requirements. We provide specialist advice, understand your challenges, and provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will handle your waste and recycling needs. Select your industry from the drop down below to get started, and find out how we can help your business.

Waste we recycle

Because we understand your industry we can give specialist advice, we understand your challenges so you only ever need speak to one person for all your waste and recycling needs. Backed by our qualified Technical Team we can provide you with technical advice on site or over the phone. This includes DGSA support, packaging, labelling, storage and handling advice. Select a Waste Type from the drop down below to get started.

Who We Work With

Whitecroft Lighting is a major manufacturer of industrial lighting and are heavily involved in replacing existing lighting with energy saving LEDs. Whitecroft have turned to WasteCare to provide a 100% recycling solution and dovetail into their installation contractors across the country.

“We needed a company that could provide a reliable and consistent service, regardless of volume, location or time frame. We also demanded 100% recovery and total visability. WasteCare created a bespoke service to meet our demands and more importantly delivered on their KPIs. We see a bright future for both LED lighting and the LampCare service”

Danielle Howarth – Whitecroft Lighting

Waste producers look to brokers and FM companies to manage their waste. It is essential that the FM Company have reliable providers that will do as they say when they say. Transparency and accountability are essential in underpinning the service. WasteCare’s unique online account management system gives live time access to the account from obtaining quotes, booking collections to billing, problem solving and data analysis.

“As a third party broker we add value by providing our clients a bespoke, hands-on service. When it comes to collecting and recycling all types of hazardous and difficult waste we can rely on WasteCare to deliver the solution. We haven’t stumped them yet.”

DS Smith Recycling

As a leading waste management company Veolia both require and generate thousands of industrial containers every month. Whilst some of these containers have only one life many can be refurbished, UN recertified and reused. WasteCare provide Veolia the peace of mind that their containers are safe for use, are maximising reuse, and reducing their Carbon footprint. WasteCare’s national service ensures consistency across the estate and the reliability of a single provider.

“Availability and consistency is what we need from our container provider. Having the same outlet for surplus, unwanted packaging saves money and time. WasteCare provide us a comprehensive 1-stop-shop.”

Gemma Dicken – Category Manager Veolia Environmental Services

UK Greetings Limited is proud of the way its products connect people to people, friends to friends and family to family. Wastecare are delighted to share this ethos, enhancing the CSR image of the company, collecting all types of hazardous wastes and maximising recovery.

“For the last 11 years WasteCare have provided the solution for all our hazardous waste, reducing landfill, eliminating waste to drain and maximising our return from recovered waste”

Chris Shaw, Group Health, Safety & Environmental Advisor, UK Greetings Ltd

Controlling thousands of PCs, laptops and other electronic devices can be challenging. At the point of disposal of redundant equipment the risk of data loss or losing hardware is acute. The AssetCare service provided by WasteCare gives us full transparency and control and along with it the peace of mind that our data is safely destroyed whilst we maximise the potential reuse of cleaned and refurbished IT equipment.

“Whether we have one or a thousand units, AssetCare is able to provide the service we need.”

Helen Adcock – York University

Wastecare are the only waste management company which have successfully provided all sites with a unique online facility enabling the Environmental Services Department the means to authorize, monitor and measure the performance of each department. This enables the Trust to reach its targets for recovery and reuse, in addition to reducing costs and ensuring full environmental compliance.

“We have used Wastetcare services for many years; they have provided a tailored service specifically to meet our diverse range of requirements. We are delighted to see the growth Wastecare has experienced and have recently awarded a further tender for additional services”

Libby Moss – Leeds Teaching Hospital

Environmental compliance and best practice is non-negotiable for Asda. WasteCare for over 10 years has provided all their stores a one-stop-solution for all types of hazardous and difficult waste. Dedicated account managers ensure all stores receive support both for regular waste arisings as well as for the unexpected. Committed to reducing costs and improving service year on year, WasteCare are an enthusiastic advocate of One Best Way.

“We see WasteCare as major contributor to our achieving environmental best practise, maximising recycling efficiency and reducing costs for our customers”

Karen Todd, Head of Zero Waste

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GIB offering £50m for waste projects

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