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We offer a unique Total Waste Management Solution providing industry & commerce a nationwide collection service and a sustainable licensed recycling solution with full traceability for all your waste.

Who we are

Established in 1980, the WasteCare Group offer a unique recycling and waste management service that enables waste producers, from all industrial and sectors, to manage their hazardous and difficult waste, from collection to recovery regardless of the type, volume or location. With 12 regional recycling centres and a fleet of over 150 collection vehicles, we are a national recycling management company that is local to you.

Industries we service

Every business is different and waste is complex, this is why our experienced team works closely with you to understand your unique waste management requirements. We provide specialist advice, understand your challenges, and provide you with a dedicated Account Manager who will handle your waste and recycling needs. Select your industry from the drop down below to get started, and find out how we can help your business.

Waste we recycle

Because we understand your industry we can give specialist advice, we understand your challenges so you only ever need speak to one person for all your waste and recycling needs. Backed by our qualified Technical Team we can provide you with technical advice on site or over the phone. This includes DGSA support, packaging, labelling, storage and handling advice. Select a Waste Type from the drop down below to get started.

Latest News


Q2 packaging figures show steel recycling boost

Figures published by the Environment Agency on packaging recycling indicate that steel packaging reprocessing surged in the second quarter of the year, following concerns earlier in the year that targets could be missed. The figures, published on the National Packaging Waste Database, give an indication of how much packaging waste was recycled or exported between…

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WasteCare Group acquires Veolia’s Liverpool facility

The WasteCare Group has purchased Veolia’s Lower Bank View hazardous waste treatment site in Liverpool. Specialising in the treatment and disposal of industrial liquid waste, the site is licensed to treat over 2,000 tonnes per week. The facility treats effluents such as acids, interceptors waste, alkalis, leachate, biosludge, metal hydroxide, chromic acids, nitric acid, coolants,…

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Rory Stewart departs Defra as Thérèse Coffey joins

The government’s minister in charge of waste and resources, Rory Stewart, has left Defra to take up a post within the Department for International Development, as part of a reshuffle by the new Prime Minister Theresa May. Mr Stewart’s departure has seen Dr Thérèse Coffey take up the vacancy within the Department for Environment, Food…

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