At WasteCare, we really do care. Not just about the bigger picture of protecting the planet, but about helping you with the ins and outs of your everyday processes.

Our electrical recycling follows a comprehensive step by step process from collection to reuse and is fully asset tracked for total security.

The process is as follows:

1. Barcodes

CustomerCare team create a job; this allocates a unique job number that is fully traceable to the collection depot, driver, date and customer. The collection, items/pallets is then given this ID number. All electronic collections are transferred to our electronic processing facility at Normanton; the collection, once received is booked in and the job number is converted into a bar code.

2. Identification

The job number detailing customer and any special process requirements i.e. full asset tracking, this is where all items are listed and a report is sent back to the customer. The job is then take to the unpacking area where all items are removed from the packaging, a further level of bar coding is then undertaken.

3. Equipment testing
Items that require tracking are listed under the original job number with full description, date of process and employees name who handled the consignment. We then scan the manufactures bar code and incorporate this in another unique bar code that is then adhered to the item. This allows the item to be tracked back to the facility, and as we use the manufactures bar code in addition to creating our own; it gives dual traceability on all appliances tested and treated.

4. Hard drives wiped


Appliances that are selected fit for reuse are passed on to the test and refurbishment department, all data bearing devices are wiped using Blancco which is a highly flexible data erasure tool that erases all traces of data stored on a targeted media. If items pass full functionality test they are scanned and more information is added to the data base.

5. Hard drives destroyed

Any items deemed unfit for reuse or fail functionality test are scrapped, any data bearing devices are removed and a second attempt to wipe the hard disc is undertaken. If successful we can then use this in a machine that is in need of a hard drive. If it fails we destroy the disc.

6. Products prepared for distribution

All tested and approved products are prepared for distribution and re-use.

So, if you need someone to take care of your recyclable waste, speak to WasteCare.