WasteCare provide a one-stop service for all catering waste including used cooking oils, fats, food waste, packaging,  as well as secure waste, aerosols, cleaning chemicals, electrical equipment, fluorescent tubes and lamps and much more.

We provide the infrastructure and flexibility to collect all your waste, whilst providing the highest possible rebates for used cooking oils, fats and clean packaging.

We are dedicated to provide to you a safe, reliable and cost effective service, offering;

  • 12 licensed service centres around the UK – countrywide coverage!
  • Over 200 collection vehicles – providing a fast response, every time
  • Trained drivers – for handling both hazardous and difficult waste
  • Online management – 24 hour access and full waste tracking
  • Competitive pricing – we aim to cut your costs as well as reduce waste!
  • Cash Rebates  – for recovered cooking oil, fats and clean packaging


We all have a Duty of Care. We see it as our responsibility to ensure you are compliant with the latest environmental regulations.

Under recent EC regulations all waste oils and fats must be traceable from the waste producer to final recovery. WasteCare is an ISCC certified company, enabling us to achieve the highest value for recovered oils and fats.

ISCC = International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

Also, some of the waste streams produced by the catering industry are classed as hazardous and as a result fall under the Hazardous Waste Regulations (2005). These regulations mean that producers of hazardous waste are liable for disposing of their waste in a responsible manner; this includes the use of a licensed waste carrier with the appropriate site licences. WasteCare is licensed to handle all types of catering waste.

What we do

WasteCare will provide the collection, recycling and disposal of all your waste, including difficult and hazardous waste streams. With a fully tracked waste service and a range of approved recycling processes, you can rest assured that your waste will be dealt with in a responsible manner both efficiently and effectively.

Cost conscious

We understand that everyone wants to minimise the cost of waste management whilst ensuring compliance with the regulations and minimising the impact on the environment. WasteCare continues to invest in improving recovery rates, reducing costly landfill and using the most appropriate and efficient recycling routes for your waste.

What next?

To find out more about how WasteCare can help your company, email recycling@wastecare.co.uk or call 0808 149 3413 and a member of our CustomerCare team will provide a quote to suit you today!

Alternatively, visit our website to take advantage of our InstantQuote which allows new clients to benefit from our introductory service or download your mobile phone app www.myWaste.Care.