From aerosol cans to X-ray waste, most businesses and organisations are at times faced with the problem of disposing of hazardous and “difficult” waste. The WasteCare service is not just about the bigger picture of protecting the planet, but about helping you with the everyday challenges of good waste management.

As experts in our field, having provided hassle-free waste collection, treatment and recovery solutions for over 35 years, we can confidently offer affordable waste management services that are as good for you as they are for the environment; underpinned by fast response times, value for money and excellent customer service, these being our key priorities. To ensure you get more out of your waste management service, and keep more waste out of landfill, we offer:

  • 12 licensed service centres around the UK – providing countrywide coverage!
  • Over 200 collection vehicles – guaranteeing response times, every time
  • ADR Trained drivers – for handling hazardous and “difficult” waste
  • On-site technical support – Qualified chemists at your service
  • Online management – 24 hour access and waste tracking
  • Competitive pricing – we cut costs as well as waste!
  • Rebates – returning value for your recoverable waste

What we do

WasteCare will provide the collection, recycling and disposal of all your waste, including difficult and hazardous waste streams. With a fully tracked waste service and a range of approved recycling processes, you can rest assured that your waste will be dealt with in a responsible manner both efficiently and effectively.

Cost conscious

We understand that everyone wants to minimise the cost of waste management whilst ensuring compliance with the regulations and minimising the impact on the environment. WasteCare continues to invest in improving recovery rates, reducing costly landfill and using the most appropriate and efficient recycling routes for your waste.

What next?

To find out more about how WasteCare can help your company, email or call call us and a member of our CustomerCare team will provide a quote to suit you today!