IT Recovery

AssetCare offers a secure, national reuse, recycling and destruction service for redundant IT assets. Secure transport, asset tracking, and approved personnel ensure the safe disposal of unwanted data bearing assets.

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What is Secure Asset Disposal?

“Any situation where the data controller transfers custody of an IT asset to a third party for management or processing whether on a temporary or permanent basis.”

Threats to data security are not just confined to the physical and technological, but also to asset disposal, a concern frequently overlooked when security policies are considered.

Indeed, password protection to combat physical device threats and a state of the art firewall to protect you from technological risks are recommended, however, your security policy cannot be considered robust if data bearing assets are leaving your company without sufficient care.

You will still be held responsible for breaching the Data Protection Act if personal data is compromised during the asset disposal process. It is vital that you take measures to ensure that your specialist service provider, considered the ‘data processor’ in this instance, has appropriate security
measures in place. It is advisable to include clear details in your security policy about how the chain of custody of your data bearing assets is to be managed.

Secure IT recycling from AssetCare ensures that data holding IT equipment is asset tracked, securely transported and stored before undergoing a full data sanitisation process using either heavy duty shredders or MOD approved data overwriting software.

Why choose AssetCare?

  •     Maximum rebates for items considered suitable for reuse.
  •     Certificates of destruction.
  •     Consignment notes.
  •     Full bar coding and asset reporting.
  •     Online tracking for all equipment from collection to disposal.
  •     GPS tracked collection vehicles.
  •     CCTV evidence and witnessed destruction if required.
  •     CRB and DVA vetted service representatives.
  •     Blancco data overwriting including hard drives (magnetic or solid state), mobile phones and tablets.
  •     Full identity removal.
  •     Fully registered AATF.
  •     ISO 9001
  •     ISO 14001
  •     ISO 27001
  •     Professional and product liability to £10 million.
  •     Secure processing facility featuring one of the most secure data recycling suites in the UK.
  •     Blue chip client base.
  •     Member of BSIA.
  •     Registered with the Protection Register.