£1.75 per tonne could be too expensive!

Posted on 17th September, 2008

When WeeeCare launched low-cost compliance last year from as little as £6 per tonne, many critics said it was impossible.

Bradford has extended its WeeeCare contract, Fred Twiddy, SMOC Environmental Manager commented

“WeeeCare has delivered exceptional service levels to all our civic amenity sites. ”

As well as collecting WEEE from amenity sites and households across the UK’s fourth largest municipality with some 500,000 residents, WeeeCare has also been awarded the Bradford Metropolitan District Council has extended its contract with WeeeCare for WEEE services throughout the district.

Fred Twwiddy, BM DC’s contract to collect WEEE from all Environmental Manager, explained: council premises in the district. This

“Since the introduction of WEEE includes all town halls, schools and Regulations in 2006, WeeeCare recreational centres. The development has delivered exceptional service follows the recent announcement of levels to all our civic amenity sites. the launch of a free BatteryBack. The contract has now been recycling service by Bradford MDC, expanded to include doorstep Morrisons and WeeeCare. collections and WEEE disposal services throughout Bradford.”

Our scheme has now been enhanced with further cost reductions across almost all categories. The lowest cost for 2009 is now only £1.75 per tonne. However, Simon Perfect, WeeeCare’s Commercial Director, is about to upset the critics again. He explains: “many – if not most – of our members could be compliant with the regulations and incur no net costs with just a little effort.”

The current high values of scrap metals and the relatively low eee-to-weee ratios, mean that, in some waste categories, a small amount of customer returns or retailer take-back will not only satisfy the evidence requirement but also be financially self-financing.