2015 – A new year and new challenges

Posted on 5th January, 2015

The UK economy is trying desperately to move back to sustainable growth.  However, the head winds of a continuing global slowdown, high debt levels in the UK and the US, resulting in a lack of corporate investment, stagnant wage growth and declining commodity prices are likely to be a drag on growth for some time to come. Despite this there is every reason to be positive in 2015.

It is not legislation that makes the circular economy work, it is economic common sense. Since the early days of WasteCare back in 1980, recycling in the UK is unrecognisable. A £10bn+ industrial sector has taken us from being dubbed the dirty man of Europe to 8th in a league of 35. There is every reason to believe we will continue to improve as the benefits of past investment flows through to the front line.

Britain’s continuing balance of payment deficit can only be addressed by importing less and exporting more.  Reuse and recycling have to play their part. With a potential of another £3bn a year growth in the sector over the next five years, it could prove to be a vital part of our nation’s future economic success.