2016 – The editor’s view

Posted on 5th December, 2016

Across the western world there appears to have been a seismic shift politically. The previously unheard are beginning to speak.

As always the future is never certain but it is probably safe to say it is now a little more uncertain. However, we must embrace the uncertainty and make sure we grab the opportunities that are bound to arise. When it comes to environmental regulation it is probable we will see a slowing of new initiatives over the next few years but in my opinion it would be highly unlikely we will see a reverse in direction or any significant change in trajectory.

EC initiatives, such as the Circular Economy Action Plan may get watered down or approached piecemeal. This will give us the opportunity to improve our performance in waste reduction, recycling and productivity. The weakened pound should help us increase investment in UK recycling capacity and be less dependent, as a nation, on waste export, whilst at the same time benefit from increased commodity values. We should be positive about the future but always careful about the choices we make.

In the meantime, from everyone at WasteCare may we wish you a Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year!