The WasteCare Group is commited to offer the highest level of recovery and recycling for all waste streams with assured environmental compliance, guaranteed service and at the lowest cost, throughout the British Isles. The continued onslaught of yet more waste management regulation on industry and business has made the need more pressing for a simple online solution that;

  • Ensures Environmental Compliance
  • Guarantees a high level of service
  • Offers the lowest recycling and recovery costs

Silver Lining Industries Limited, trading as established in 1980, is now the UK’s leading waste recycling company in several key industrial and commercial sectors, including printing, photographic, dry cleaning, electrical, catering and chemical.

WasteCare have recently developed a unique online waste management service that enables waste producers from all industrial and commercial sectors, no matter where they are located, for all types and volumes of waste to track their waste through to recycling.