ApplianceCare & EeeCare unite

Posted on 2nd February, 2015

The WasteCare Group has recently acquired a majority stake in Appliance Care Recycling.

ApplianceCare & EeeCare unite.

Bringing the two together will certainly create the largest electrical appliance reuse business in the UK, but more importantly we believe that we have created a sustainable and profitable business.

Initially we seek to re-manufacture upwards of 1,500 appliances a week, focusing on cookers, fridges, freezers and washing machines. The key has been to establish the supply of good quality equipment, transport it efficiently and market principally to selected trade and wholesale markets, including charities, housing associations, landlords and independent dealers. We will continue to look for warranty returns and manufacturers’ seconds but the mainstay will be householder returns. Success depends on efficiently producing a high standard finished graded product.


Having a large production operation in South East England as well as the North, coupled with a national collection network should enable us to serve anyone regardless of size.

We plan to licence the Colchester site as a Regional Service Centre serving East Anglia and the South East.  This will further improve our service to our customers across the Group.

Following the recent acquisition, WasteCare Group Chairman Peter Hunt commented “This opportunity has enabled us to further expand in the SE. We are very impressed with the commitment and support of the current 42 staff and we are already planning for further growth in the coming months.”