ApplianceCare Helps Hesseldon Hospital

Posted on 1st May, 2015

Untitled2Hesseldon Hospital is one of hundreds of clients that has welcomed WasteCare’s recent intervention at ACR (Appliance Care Recycling) Ltd in Colchester.

ACR became another victim of last year’s changes in the WEEE Regulations. Revenue from expected evidence sales failed to materialise as contracts were torn up by some compliance schemes and their intermediaries. Fortunately WasteCare was able to purchase the assets of ACR and retain the production team. Since January the workforce has been increased to over 45 personnel as new and existing clients have taken advantage of the increased range of services offered by the WasteCare Group. Gill Lee, Sustainability Manager of Hesseldon Hospital said she had no hesitation in taking advantage of WasteCare’s national collection service for all types of electrical appliances and equipment including hazardous fridges, TVs and microwaves.WasteCare also provide a secure data destruction service for IT equipment.