Arrests for vegetable oil thieves

Posted on 5th October, 2012

Collecting and processing used cooking oil(UCO) has become a major recycling sector in the UK as the demand for bio-fuel has increased. With the recent rise in fuel prices the monetary value of UCO has attracted in new type of rogue, the UCO thief. As the bio-diesel made from stolen UCO does not attract Vat or duty, one litre of stolen UCO is worth over £1 a litre. Some of the thieves have become quite sophisticated, creating bogus companies and paperwork, passing off as legitimate companies.

WasteCare have been leading the battle against this new criminal underworld by implementing enhanced driver identification security as well as helping to monitor the activities and movements of suspected illegal collections. As a result of the company’s hard work, 2 of the main suspects, accused of carrying out hundreds of illegal collections over the last year or so have been arrested and are now in prison awaiting trial. Hopefully this will deter others. If you suspect your collector is not genuine please contact us or the police straightaway.