The Art of Recycling

Posted on 4th October, 2021

The WasteCare Group is committed to providing our customers and clients an environmentally positive recovery solution for dealing with some of the more challenging waste streams.

From portable batteries to WEEE, inorganic alkalis to organic acids and all hazardous and challenging waste in between, we are here to return recoverable value whilst all but eliminating landfill. Of over 200,000 tonnes of waste we collect nationally each year we treat over 98% in the UK with less than 1% being exported.

The Art of Recycling brings together the existential threat of human society’s current life style with the need to recycle and reuse the Earth’s finite resources in a sustainable way.

Good waste management is key to a sustainable circular economy. Our commitment is to do our bit for Britain and the rest of our precious planet.

We would like to express our thanks to the artists who have helped illustrate the important message for today’s generation.

Today we are the planet’s custodians – Let’s not blow it