B2B or not 2B, that is the question

Posted on 22nd October, 2008

The Government have patted themselves on the back and announced the WEEE Regulations have been a great success. Despite after 18 months, less than 30% of the expected producers have registered, recycling volumes are up.

Ignoring the fact that scrap prices trebled over the last two years it is fair to say from the point of view of domestic waste (B2C), the system has worked roughly to plan. However, concerning non-domestic weee (B2B), the Regulations have been hopeless. Less than 5% of B2B waste has been properly handled, costing end users and confusing everyone else. The reason for this failure is in part due to the fact the Government have not helped promote the benefits of the Regulations but mainly because they are so complicated.

If you are a company trying to get rid of your old photocopier the challenge to follow the rules is takes patience and tenacity. It was for this reason WasteCare offered all producers a free national service. Whilst the take up of the service has been impressive we are only scratching the surface. It is no coincidence that the Government have decided to act. We are expecting a major revision to the Regulations next year, this will remove the complicated rules for obligated and non-obligated weee, it will also remove the uniquely British complication of B2B weee. In effect all weee will be obligated and the cost will be spread across all producers. The implications are complicated but basically existing B2C producers can expect a small reduction in their compliance costs B2B producers can expect to pay a great deal more.

The good news for WeeeCare members is that they are immune from sudden changes as the scheme is designed to minimise cost and underwrite cost exposure. Once the Government have finalised their plans we will be writing to everyone effected to advise of the impact.

The current turmoil effects us all. In times like these we need to know what we can rely on. When we see Sterling drop 20% in just a few weeks, the stock market drop over 25% and key commodities drop by up to 60% in the same period we know we are in interesting times. We all need to focus on the core activities whilst at the same time ensure we are conserving cost.

WasteCare was established in 1980 in the depth of a recession, we have experienced 2 other recessions since. Whilst it would be going too far to say we enjoy recessions, we believe we offer our customers the greatest benefit when things are tough. In good times we talk of the environmental benefits of recycling, in difficult times we talk about reducing cost, improving the bottom line.

PackCare is helping companies save thousands in re-conditioning containers and eliminating landfill, WeeeCare has reduced the burden on electrical producers by several million over the last year alone by introducing a unique compliance scheme. WasteCare has continued offering over 25,000 businesses low cost solutions to recovery and recycling.

It is now time to launch EcoCare. Forget carbon trading and carbon offset, EcoCare is down to earth cost reduction. No waffle, no gimmicks just simple advice and help to reduce cost. What you need to do to make savings and improve efficiency is already known. All we need to do is connect your business to the solutions. To show we mean business, our only cost is a small portion of your actual savings. Can you afford not to contact us. We are here waiting to help. www.ecocare.org.uk