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Posted on 1st April, 2015


Children at Moorfield School tackling IT disassembly

Children at Moorfield School tackling IT disassembly

When WasteCare received an enquiry from Moorfield School (www.moorfieldschool.co.uk), Ilkley via Bradford Council, we rose to the challenge! A class of schoolchildren were soon to embark on a project where laptops were dissected and reassembled.This modern day equivalent of analysing frogs meant that the school were in need of redundant laptops to practice on.

WasteCare, parent company of WeeeCare, the compliance scheme for Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council were happy to oblige.

10 laptops (minus the hard drive) were given to the school on a temporary basis to assist the children in developing their knowledge and skills. Schoolwork involved identifying motherboards, CPUs, optical drives, video cards, RAM drives and the children also gained a better understanding of how to use a screwdriver.

Well done to the children of Moorfield School!