Batteries turn into printing chemicals

Posted on 21st May, 2013

With over 50% market share and more than 20,000 free collection points throughout the UK, BatteryBack’s success has been enduring, however, one unexpected side effect from this achievement is the increase in recycling of other waste streams.

The varied customer base that BatteryBack attracts has recently become aware of the additional recycling services they can take advantage from at no extra cost. As part of WasteCare Group, BatteryBack has the ability to reduce the Carbon footprint of its many weekly collections by offering WasteCare’s extra recycling services.

One customer who has recently taken advantage of these multi stream collections is Waddington and Ledger, a multi-million pound Yorkshire printing company. After taking advantage of the free BatteryBack service, it made sense financially and environmentally for the company has all its printing waste collected at the same time.