Beware of tyre scams, use a trusted recycling firm

Posted on 28th September, 2009

A new scam that offers businesses a solution to their used tyre problems is a growing problem across the UK according to a report by BBC Wales.

In one such scam garages were offered a service where tyres were removed for a fee. The tyres were then left in storage rather then being recycled, and the garages were left with the responsibility for the disposal and clean up of the stored tyres.

A recent European Union directive made it illegal to dump tyres into landfill, businesses must now make sure that tyres are recycled. Victims of the scam feel that the Environment Agency should be doing more to prevent such scams.

Peter Hunt, managing director of WasteCare says:

“There are a number of reputable companies who offer reliable and convenient tyre recycling services for businesses at very competitive rates. At WasteCare we offer recycling certificates to our clients as proof that material has been recycled as promised.”

Further information about tyre recycling can be found by contacting the European Tyre Recycling Association.