Can-CAN revue

Posted on 13th July, 2009

The ubiquitous aerosol can is taken for granted when in use but becomes a nuisance at the end of its useful life.

The can itself is a hazard even when empty, old cans often contain propellants more hazardous than the product they were made to dispense. These problems are compounded when a clutch of cans are accumulated over time; possibly rusting, poorly labelled but waiting to cause a problem. How do you pack them safely for road transport? How do you label them? Where do you send them? Then there are part filed cans of paint solvents, cleaners etc. Do we still have the data sheet? Do we know what constitutes the risk?

This is where the Can-CAN comes in. Designed for virtually every type of aerosol can or small (less than 1 litre capacity) container, whether full, part full or empty the Can-CAN is the simple answer. Capable for storing up to 60kg of containers, the Can-CAN is a safe and convenient on site storage system for unwanted aerosol cans and small containers which when full is collected free of charge by WasteCare.

On arrival at WasteCare’s treatment facility the Can-CANs are individually unpacked, sorted, identified and then treated. All metals and plastics are recovered and nothing goes to landfill. Unlike the French version our Can-CAN is neither risqué or risky, it is simply a easy way to rid yourself of an otherwise hazardous or troublesome waste stream. The Can-CAN costs £49.00. Go to WasteCare.co.uk/can-can to order your CanCan now.